Silica Spheres

Silica Spheres

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Silica Sphere

Due to the unique manufacturing process, Umang Pharmatech’s Silica spheres are perfectly uniform for coating and layering process to achieve reproducible product characteristic.

Silica spheres can be used as an inert base for modified release formulation promoting consistency and uniformity of release profile thus ensuring a uniform theraupeutic response.

Our company is specialized to offer Silica spheres with a tailor-made and reproducible particle size distribution. This is possible by long-term experience with the sizing, classification, and particle size analysis of this product.

Our manufacturing site is dedicated to pharmaceutical production of Silica spheres, so you can be confident that it meets the lowest microbial levels.

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Why Choose Umang’s Silica Spheres ?

  • green tick   Ready for instant drug layering.
  • green tick   Uniform drug layering.
  • green tick   Perfect sphericity.
  • green tick   Range of particle size to meet different dose levels.
  • green tick   Robust to withstand rigorous processing.
  • green tick   Low friability & high mechanical strength.
  • green tick   Manufacturing dedicated pharmaceutical grade products.
  • green tick   Total Compliance with EP, USP, IP.
  • green tick   Outstanding microbiological quality.
  • green tick   Worldwide acceptance.

Particle Size for Silica Spheres

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