Tartaric Acid Spheres / Pellets / Beadlets / Granules


Tartaric Acid is widely used in food products, oral, topical and parenteral pharmaceutical formulations and is generally regarded as a nontoxic and nonirritant material.

In general tartaric acid is also used:
  • in beverages, confectionary, food products and pharmaceutical formulations as an acidulant
  • as a sequesterring agent, as an antioxidant synergist
  • in pharmaceutical formulations with bicarbonates, as the acid component of effervescent granules, powders and tablets.
Tartaric Acid Pellets Application:

Tartaric Acid Pellets (TAP) are highly spherical particles optimised for coating and layering processes to achieve reproducible product characteristics. In extended release pellet formulations Tartaric Acid Pellets (TAP) can be integrated to reduce the pH-dependancy of the drug release therefore achieve the desired dissolution profile.

Grade Mesh size (#) Application
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 20 / 30 Used as spherical seed cores for drug layering & film coating. Also used in manufacture of granules / beadlets with sustained / controlled release, taste masking & other special properties.
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 30 / 40
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 40 / 50
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 50 / 60
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 60 / 80
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 80 / 100
Tartaric Acid Pellets TS 100 / 200