Neutral Spheres / Pellets / Beadlets / Granules

Neutral Pellets / Spheres / Beadlets / Granules

A company engaged in the manufacturing development of branded pharmaceutical excipients with global market presence.

Quality Management. The basis for success:

Our manufacturing plant is GMP certified and manufactures products complying with cGMP practices.

Our Strategic Approach:

Delivering best quality products manufactured in accordance to customer’s specific requirements at a competitive price.

Partnering to improve performance:
  • Long term partnerships with our customers enable us to deliver consistent, high quality products.
  • Total customers driven policy and full services are our major goals.
  • SPRAYSPHERES™ division is manufacturing “Neural Pellets / Spheres / Beadlets / Granules”. Destined for pharmaceutical use, in compliance with BP, EP & USP.
  • SPRAYSPHERES™ are used by Pharma & Food manufacturers specializing in Modified Release formulation, Health Care and Pharmaceutical industries producing ORAL CONTROLLED drug formulations.
Research & Development:
  • To research, study, setup new components & their applications.
  • Optimization of production process.
  • Quality upgradation, stability & new applications are our targets.
Sugar Pellets / Spheres / Beadlets / Granules, MCC Pellets / Spheres / Beadlets / Granules Speciality Pellets are:
  • Neutral micro granules based on Sucrose, Corn Starch & MCC for pharmaceutical use
  • Available in standard & special sizes from # 12/16 upto 60/80
  • Other sizes available upon request