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NONPAREILS PELLETS SPRAYSPHERES™ - NS Cores for Controlled – Release Formulations
Nonpareils Pellets Definitions:
  • SPRAYSPHERES™ - NS contains not more than 92 percent of sucrose. Calculated on the dried basis. The dried basis. The remainder consists of corn starch as per the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Compliance with Ph. Eur., USP/ NF and JP.
  • Produced in accordance with the cGMP.
Nonpareils Pellets Particle size specifications:

Particle size distribution (analyzed by laser diffraction) shows the symmetrical character of the distribution. The single model profile, associated a very homogeneous population of SPRAYSPHERES™ - NS.

Nonpareils Pellets Application:

Used as cores to be coated in the manufacture of dry pharmaceutical forms especially for controlled release & specially formulations.

SPRAYSPHERES™ - SP: Speciality Products

SPRAYSPHERES™ - SP base of sugar spheres and microcrystalline spheres coated with cationic polymers.

  • Suitable for very low / high dosage forms and for drugs with a low therapeutic margin.
  • Fillers for Dispersible Tablets.
  • Used as cores to be coated in the manufacture of highly hygroscopic / soluble drugs / unstable drug.
  • Using SPRAYSPHERES™ - Sp products are interesting into a transfer strategy of capsule with Pellets to tablets.