Mannitol Spheres / Pellets / Beadlets / Granules

Mannitol Spheres / Pellets / Beadlets / Granules

18 Oct

Posted by : Umang Pharmatech

Mannitol is a white, crystalline solid that looks and tastes sweet like sucrose. It was originally isolated from the secretions of the flowering ash.

Mannitol is classified as a sugar alcohol; as it is derived from a sugar (mannose) by reduction. Mannitol spheres are usually white in colour but can also be made in a variety of colours based on specification. Mannitol spheres are stable at ambient conditions.

At Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture Mannitol spheres ranging over different particle sizes depending on the customer applications & requirements.

Applications of Mannitol Spheres:

  • Water soluble starter core for drug layering and coating
  • Also used in cosmetic products such as Face scrub, Gel, Body scrub, Cleansing cream, Exfoliating products etc.
  • . Drug-coated Mannitol Spheres can be given coatings of inert colors that distinguish one drug from another.These can be blended and filled into capsule shells or incorporated in a suitable directly compressible vehicle and compressed into tablets.